Nurturing Children in a Christian Environment to Achieve Excellence


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All homework is accessible on the website on Belgravia homework page. It will follow the same pattern as last term.

• Reading daily with comments written by children or parents in their diaries.

• A weekly comprehension activity from pages 34 or 35 of the diaries.

• Daily times table practise. We are looking at the 11and 12 times tables in particular, improving speed as our knowledge embeds.
There are sheets for this practise on the website.

• Spelling will continue as last term.

• "Talk For Writing", this will not always be weekly but children will be given a sheet with details
of the task when necessary.

Whitworth Gallery Visit.

The children and I had a wonderful time at the Whitworth Art Gallery.
We learned lots of new drawing skills and techniques with our tutor,Luke, when we took part in an inspiring "Draw" workshop.

This was followed by putting what we had learned into practice as we went into the gallery and made copies of inspirational works.

The children behaved excellently and this was commented on by the gallery staff. I was very proud of them.

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