Nurturing Children in a Christian Environment to Achieve Excellence


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We have two friends to go home with the 'Stars of the Week ' now. If you are a Reception child who had achieved the Star of the Week- you will take Spencer the bear home for a week. If you are a Year 1 child, you will take Taffy the dog home for the week.

(Grown-ups: Each week, a child will be chosen to be the 'Star of the Week'. That child's parents will receive a postcard through the post, explaining why they have been chosen! We will celebrate it during our celebration worship on the Friday, then the Star of the Week will take Spencer home for a week! They will also take his diary, so that they (or their grown-ups) can write in it to let us all know what they got up to! )

Congratulations to our Star of the Week!

IMG_1839 - Copy

Spencer and Taffy are enjoying their Summer Holidays together. xx

Our EYFS had a super day at Stockley Farm!

The internet is a full of wonderful educational resources!

Click on the link to see if your child could benefit from using some of these resources.

Our Nativity Tableau

The children in Reception did a wonderful job of creating
our Nativity Tableau during our carol concert on the last
day of Autumn term. Well done everyone!
We had a poorly reception on the day so, with no notice or
preparation time at all, someone from Y1 filled in at the last
minute. Can you spot her?
Thank you to all the receptions and to our helpful Year 1!

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