Nurturing Children in a Christian Environment to Achieve Excellence



Thank you for the bottle tops that you've sent in so far. Please can you keep sending them in. Thank you!
Our Artist in Residence has begun our artwork with the children. It is our turn on Friday 16th February. Please remember to send the children in clothes (and shoes) which you wouldn't mind throwing out if it was necessary!

The internet is a full of wonderful educational resources!

Click on the link to see if your child could benefit from using some of these resources.



The Year 1 children will be investigating 'Artists' in their topic and ''Seasonal Changes ' in their science. The Reception children will join in with some of this, whilst focussing on their topic- minibeasts. All of the children will do some investigating of minibeastsas part of our Eco work.
The reception children will be learning about Christian artifacts this half term, while the Year 1 children will be learning about Judaism: passover.


We have two friends to go home with the 'Stars of the Week ' now. If you are a Reception child who had achieved the Star of the Week- you will take Spencer the bear home for a week. If you are a Year 1 child, you will take Taffy the dog home for the week.

(Grown-ups: Each week, a child will be chosen to be the 'Star of the Week'. That child's parents will receive a postcard through the post, explaining why they have been chosen! We will celebrate it during our celebration worship on the Friday, then the Star of the Week will take Spencer home for a week! They will also take his diary, so that they (or their grown-ups) can write in it to let us all know what they got up to! )

Congratulations to our Star of the Week!

Our 'Star of the Week' this week is Natalia. Natalia is kind and helpful bothat school and at home. She has also put her best effort into activities, even when the activities are not her favourite thing to do.
Well done Natalia!
Have a super week with Spencer!

Our first week

Here are a few photos of our first week for you to enjoy.