Nurturing Children in a Christian Environment to Achieve Excellence

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Charitable Giving

The school also supports those less fortunate than ourselves and each term selects a differnt charity to support. Click on the link to find out which charity the school are supporting this term.

Church School

RE at Saighton School

Watch the video and find out what the children think of RE at our school.

Saighton Lord’s Prayer

The infants worked really hard to produce “Saighton School’s Lord’s Prayer” (more easily understood for young children). I was most impressed with the effort they put into this task and feel the results should be shared with you. Maybe some nights, the bedtime prayer could be this one:-
Our Father in heaven
Your name is holy
Help us to do as you ask
So that we all live as you want us to.
Help us not to do bad things
Help us forgive those that do.
We know you are very special
And will love us for ever and ever.


Saighton logo cut out

Our School Prayer


We begin every worship with our school prayer. It would be helpful if your child were familiar with this prayer before starting school.