At Saighton Primary School History is also taught within our 'creative' curriculum .

As a foundation subject within the National Curriculum, History is taught from reception through to Year Six . We offer children learning opportunities which will develop skills in historical enquiry, knowledge and understanding through a varied and engaging breadth of study.

Learning about the past and the methods used to study it helps pupils make sense of the world in which they live. They are introduced to what is involved in understanding and interpreting the past and this helps them to establish their own ideas, beliefs and values and to form an understanding as to why the world is as it is .As a church school we believe that this is a vital part of their education.

As well as developing knowledge of the past the children learn historical skills which help them understand and interpret historical information. The History curriculum is taught following a programme which includes first hand experiences provided by school visits and speakers which enrich the learning. Where appropriate, cross-curricular links such as ICT and drama help to consolidate the pupils’ understanding. 
Pupils are taught to investigate historical figures and places in their local area, as well as in contrasting areas in the UK and beyond. They are taught to use skills and resources such as photographs, texts and historical artefacts to answer historical questions.

Recent visits have included a day at Chester Cathedral as Benedictine Monks and a whole school visit to Blists Hill Victorian Town to celebrate the schools 150th anniversary. Themed enrichment days at school have included; "Vikings" day and fighting the "Battle of Chester" .

In reception, children will begin to gain an understanding of history and chronology relating to themselves and their lives, through topics such as celebrations, birthdays and time lines. In addition their RE has a strong link with history as stories from the Bible are experienced and discussed.

In Key stage 1 and 2 History follows the National Curriculum objectives and is also taught through the "Creative curriculum" with a large variety of topics. Current topic webs are posted on the internet to enable all to see how the subjects that link together are being covered. As in reception our teaching in RE also offers a rich opportunity to learn about history in faiths.

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