Maths Home Learning

Maths Enrichment 
Busy Ants activities which are links with the week's topic will be posted weekly. These are maths enrichment activities that you may choose to complete. Work does not need to be returned to school and can be marked with the child at home.


Times Tables

Multiplication tables underpin all aspects of mathematics. Speed and accuracy in tables up to 12 is vital by the end of Key Stage 2, so it's important we start to become confident with some tables in Year 2.

Children will be asked to learn the table that they are currently working on and Times Table Rockstars is a great way to engage your child. Personal login details are stuck inside their reading records. T


10 in 10

These are Key Skills tests and are crucial to a child's mathematical development. The questions are based on the end of KS1 SATs Arithimetic Paper and will alter slightly each week. Essentially, the questions will pretty much stay the same but the numbers will change. Your child will complete a '10 in 10' each Friday and will then bring it home for you to look at and work through with them. By focussing on just one or two incorrect answers each week, the progress a child can make over the course of the year can be excellent. 

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