Animals gone wild! Exotic Zoo at Saighton

We were thrilled to have a visit from Ryan from the Exotic Zoo in Telford on Monday. 

Ryan brought with him a selection of animals and we were most excited as, as well as telling us all about the animals Ryan also let us hold and stroke them! It was quite a unique experience to be so up close and personal with animals that we normally see in a cage. 

First up was Millie the Giant African Millipede. We were surprised to find she felt very hard but it was lot too much a shock to discover that with that many legs she was excellent at tickling. We then met Lola a White Tree Frog and were shocked when she tried to scare us by shooting water at us. After that, was Sweetpea, a very long Burmese Python. Although she was already very long she was only a baby so still had a lot of growing to do. Next, was Lisa the Tenrec who many of us mistook for a hedgehog. She was very small but is actually related to a very big animal, elephants. Finally, we met the star attraction, Sahara a Meerkat! We were so excited to see a real Meerkat and everyone wanted to hold and stroke her!

What a fantastic day!