Duck Race Day for Children in Need

The day finally arrived, Duck Race Day at Saighton! We came to school dressed to show our support for our chosen ducks and the effort the children had put into their costumes was incredible. 

At 1pm we gathered in Cavendish class to watch the race. We waited with baited breath as our ducks raced along the course. Despite being an early favourite Firequacker was knocked out after getting stuck on some rocks and sadly, many of our ducks faced the same fate, even our beloved Christmas Quacker. 

As the results came in, some were disappointed but congratulations must go to; Reuben, Louis and George H whose chosen duck, Fowl Play, came in 3rd; Izzy who was the only supported for Lucky Duck in 2nd place; and the big winners of the day were Alfie and George W who had backed James Pond!

Well done to everyone for being such good sports for Children in Need.