Remembrance at Saighton

We enjoyed a memorable and moving Remembrance this morning as all the children went to Aldford church and then walked up Bickerton Hill for a 2 minute silence. 

At Aldford church we were greeted by Reverand Karl who talked to us about the meaning of Rememberance and we were moved by the ghostly silhouettes around the church in remembrance of those from the parish who had given their lives in World War One. This was an emotive experience and one that put us in the right frame of mind for the next stage of our Remembrance. 

At Bickerton Hill we were joined by Reverand Jules who joined us as we walked up to the top of the hill. He then played The Last Post on his trumpet at the top of Bickerton Hill while we had our 2 minute silence. It was really powerful to be on the top of Bickerton Hill overlooking the Cheshire countryside as we paid our respects to those who gave their lives. The children gained a lot from this experience and showed a great deal of thought and care in their behaviour. 

Thank you to Reverand Jules and Reverand Karl for helping us to make this such a memorable and moving event and thank you to those parents who were able to join us at Bickerton Hill. 

Thank you to Amalie and Luke who did a great job of representing Saighton at the Remembrance service in Huntingdon on Sunday. They laid the wreath the children had made and were fantastic representatives on this sombre occasion.