In the foundation stage Geography is taught through a topic approach during lessons on knowledge and understanding of the world and as a cross curricula subject through all areas of learning.

In Key stage 1 and 2 Geography follows the National Curriculum objectives and is also taught through the "Creative curriculum" with a large variety of topics. Current topic webs are posted on the internet to enable all to see how the subjects that link together are being covered. Children frequently complete research projects and cross curricular links with other subjects are often made.

Pupils are taught to investigate people and places in their local area, as well as contrasting areas in the UK and beyond. They are taught to use skills and resources such as maps, atlases and aerial photographs to answer geographical questions. Field work is undertaken by the children who carry out studies during their residential and day visits. Children are encouraged to respect the environment and to consider how it can be improved for future generations with a strong focus on environmental issues.

At Saighton Primary School Geography is taught within our 'creative' curriculum which captures children's enthusiasm and generates excitement about learning. We continually work to update and improve this curriculum - developing a sound and rigorous grounding in basic skills , knowledge and understanding for all children through an exciting and stimulating approach.

Geography is a foundation subject within the National Curriculum We believe Geography is important as it teaches us about places, the human and physical processes that shape them and the people who live in them. Geography helps children to gain a greater understanding of the world and the people who live in it which as a church school we believe is a vital part of their education . It also enables children to understand their place in the world from a local, national and global perspective.

The school values cultural and spiritual differences encouraging a deep sense of equality and respect for all. We wish to give the children the opportunity to broaden and enrich their knowledge of the world they live in and with this in mind we run a "Global Awareness Week" each year in addition to regular geography lessons.

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