Christian Distinctiveness

 “Flourishing together, life in all its fullness.”

John 10.10

At Saighton we are very proud to be a Church of England primary school with a strong Christian distinctiveness.

Our Christian vision, created by stakeholders across the school community and in co-operation with Chester Diocese, is the driver behind all aspects of our school life, and is underpinned by our Christian values of love, justice, friendship, wisdom, forgiveness and compassion. Our Year 6 Vision Ambassadors support the school community to uphold this vision and to work out what it means for us day-by-day.

Acts of Collective Worship, where we worship God, consider moral and social issues, and explore our own beliefs, give us a daily focal point for our faith.  Prayer and reflection areas around the school provide more personal opportunities for spiritual reflection and growth, and serve as a reminder that God is at the centre of our school life.

As Jesus taught us, we aim to be a welcoming, caring and inclusive community, with a big heart for the wider world. 

We are committed to working in partnership with parents, governors, our local churches and Chester Diocese for the good of all our pupils.



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