Worship at Saighton

There is a whole school worship everyday at Saighton. All staff and children share in this special time and enjoy the variety of forms it takes.

Each half term worship is given a particular focus and each day the worship is tailored to fit in with the this.

We are forunate that we have outside support for our worship. Every Wednesday one of our local clergy lead us in a worship and every Monday we enjoy a visit from the 'Open the Book' team.

'Open the Book' are a group of volunteers who visit schools to share the word of the Lord. They take bible stories and present them in a variety of ways which educate and entertain the children. From puppetry and acting to songs and music, the team, often with the help of the children themseves, engage the whole school in the bible story they are telling.

Friday is a worship of celebration. As a whole school we celebrate all the acheivements of the children, and sometimes staff, from both inside and outside of school. It is a special time which everyone enjoys as we round off another week of achievement at Saighton School.