“Our Father, Who art in heaven, hallowed be Thy name.”

Prayer is an integral part of school life at Saighton, where we recognise how prayer is an important way to learn about God and to meaningfully connect with Him.  Over the course of the school day, children encounter many opportunities for prayer and reflection, both communal and individual.

Prayer is shared during our daily acts of collective worship as well as before lunch and home time, and all children are encouraged to participate in these prayers in ways which feel comfortable to them. There are also many other spaces for more private reflection around the school such as our school prayer box and prayer map, and reflection areas within each classroom.

We also like to offer our children the chance to explore prayer creatively.  Particular highlights have been participating in Contemplative Photography workshops, with some of our pupils’ work being exhibited in London, and an outdoor prayer walk based on our school vision and shared with Bishop Mark.

The children’s latest project is to create a Reflection Area in a quiet corner of the school playground.  Work is currently in progress but keep an eye on Instagram and our school newsletter for exciting updates.


Our school prayer

“This is our school

Let peace dwell here

Let there be love

Love of one another

And love of life itself.



Reflection areas in our classrooms, loft and outside, our prayer box and our prayer map all provide further opportunities for personal prayer and reflection.